Ibuprofen Overdose

If you have an expose, you should call your local emergency person. Please beware that you can overdose from Ibuprofen. Check the video below for more information.


Get rid of chronic headache and fever through Ibuprofen medication

These days most of the people are suffering from various bodily disorders like recurring headache, joint pains and other body aches that are hindering their day to work and life. In this case they either take a normal medicine that relieves pain temporarily or think that it will get over with passage of time as it might be a result of hectic work and pressure. But this thought of ignorance is absolutely wrong and is unjustifiable with your body. You should not overlook these problems as it might lead to some serious problems in near future. Infact, during recurring pains you should take the medicines that relieves your pain permanently. Ibuprofen is one such trusted medicine that is boon for many sufferers. It is highly recommended and used medicine for mild as well severe headaches and other body pains. You can get the medicine on prescription of the doctor at the medical store and in hospitals.

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All about ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to reduce chronic headaches, fever, swelling and inflammation. It is prescribed for adults and children of more than six months of age. You might be thinking as to how much ibuprofen can I take to get relief from unbearable headache and high fever? Ibuprofen dosage should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor as it will work even better when taken correctly. The medicine comes in the form of tablets or capsules of 200mg, 400mg, 600mg, and 800mg dosage. High dose of medicines should be taken only after doctor’s consideration. For headaches, and fever the mentioned dosage should be taken as it is more helpful. These medicines are safe and will aid you in getting better.

Recommended dosage of ibuprofen

How much ibuprofen can I take in fever and headache is what every patient asks its doctor. For your convenience and knowledge the dosage of ibuprofen medicine are mentioned here. For better results of the medicine it is suggested you take the dose as per your age and as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Normal adult dose for headache– For induced headache the recommended dosage is 600mg orally, taken 90 minutes prior to the initial ECT (Electroconclusive therapy) sitting.
  • Standard adult dose for fever– Normally dosage as prescribed for adults in fever is 200mg-400mg when taken orally every 4-6 hours as required by the patient.
  • Usual children or infant dose in case of fever– Recommended dose for children between 6 months -12 years is 5mg within temperature less than 39.2 degrees C, taken orally in every 6-8 hours as needed whereas the suitable daily dose is 40mg/kg for children.

Be careful when giving medicines to children and ensure that you use the medicine correctly under specialist guidance and care so that you don’t come across any harmful side effects that may lead you in any unwanted conditions. Before going to buy medicine over the counter properly check the manufacturing and expiry date as it will prevent you from any serious effects.